We provide free of charge jewellery valuation reports with each order placed. A jewellery valuation report will enable you to get your jewellery properly insured.

What is a jewellery valuation report?

A jewellery valuation report provides a detailed description of the product and the amount it is valued at on the date of valuation. A valuation report enables you to insure your jewellery for the full price it would cost to replace it on the high street. The price on the valuation report may not be the same as the price paid, as it depends on the potential cost of replacement and doesn’t take into account any sales or promotions.

When do you need a jewellery valuation report?

If your jewellery gets lost, damaged or stolen, our valuation report means that your insurance provider has an accurate idea of the replacement value.

Our valuation reports

Each product that is purchased from us will receive a free of charge valuation report. The report will show an image of the jewellery design and the specifications of the jewellery (for example, diamond colour and clarity). Our valuation report is also a useful document, alongside your certification, to prove the authenticity of your jewellery.

Valuation Certificate Valuation Certificate

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