Symmetry refers to how precisely the various facets of a diamond align and intersect. This can include extra or misshapen facets, off center culets and tables, and wavy girdles.

A diamond with poor symmetry may misdirect light that travels into the diamond, sending it off at slightly wrong angles, and thereby reducing the diamond's brilliance. Often, a diamond cutter will purposefully allow a minor reduction in symmetry as a way of preventing a defect present in the rough stone from being retained as part of the finished diamond.

For more in depth information on symmetry visit our education section here.

Diamond Symmetry Specifications

Excellent No polish defects visible at 10x magnification
Very Good Any defects are extremely difficult to see at 10x magnification
Good Any defects are difficult to see at 10x magnification
Fair Defects are noticeable at 10x magnification, and may be visible to the naked eye. Not offered by Austen Blake
Poor Defects are visible to the naked eye. Not offered by Austen Blake.

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