Yellow gold

Considered to be the traditional gold colour for jewellery and everything in between, yellow gold has actually fallen behind when it comes to popularity, with white gold now considered to be the more popular choice. When choosing yellow gold, a lower carat is best for those who wish to wear their jewellery on an everyday basis because the gold purity is lower therefore creating a hardier material.

How is yellow gold made?

This colour of gold is created by combining pure gold with alloy metals such as zinc and copper. The gold purity is measured in the same way as white and rose gold, and the higher the carat the more yellow the gold but bear in mind that it will be softer and more prone to damage.

How to care for your gold jewellery:

  • Ensure you clean your jewellery often, dirt and moisture can damage and tarnish yellow gold, especially those high carat gold pieces.
  • Try not to mix yellow gold with stronger metals such as silver and lower carat white or rose gold, it can get scratched and damaged.
  • Remove your gold jewellery when exercising or completing rough tasks to avoid damage to the clasps and precious stone settings.

Need help?

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