Promises are the bedrock on which society grows and prospers. Promises are the glue that bind relationships together and make everything possible. Promises, in short, make the world go around, and it is our privilege that our jewellery plays an important role in strengthening the relationships of over 50,000 people, in more than 70 countries around the world.



The jewellery you wear is an expression of your personality, passions, and lifestyle. While creating a personalised designed piece may seem overwhelming, we are experienced at simplifying the process and making even complex designs accessible. Our aim is to give you complete power to make each and every design completely personalised on our website by click of a button.

We can also create bespoke diamond rings design from scratch and our designer will work together with you to develop a design that can be customizing in multiple ways to match your unique requirement. Our bespoke design specialists will bring your inspiration to life by combining the latest design technology with our dedication to artistry and fine craftsmanship.


Superb Value

Superb value is what sets us apart from the hyper-inflated prices you'll find on the high street and on the web.

3 reasons why we can provide superb value
  • We are a diamond manufacturer, so we don't have to deal with all the middlemen, taking their cut.
  • We do not have costly high-street stores.
  • We run our operations incredibly efficiently, so we only use resources when we need them.

Please Note

Value doesn't mean poor quality. All our jewellery is crafted by expert master jewellers using the most beautiful and ethically sourced diamonds.

Quality Materials Sourced Ethically.

You can only create a high quality piece of jewellery by using quality materials. With regards to the quality of our diamonds and the precious metals we use, we strive for the highest quality jewellery in everything we do.

In terms of the ethical side of our business, we work with all of the leading diamond and jewellery institutions in the world. Institutions including The " British Jewellers' Association, Assay Assured & London Assay Office for metal, Stop Blood Diamonds membership , The Gemological Institute of America, The International Gemological Institute and The World Diamond Council.

As a globally trusted purveyor of diamonds, you can be sure that our diamonds are also of exceptional quality. You can of course choose which type of quality you'd prefer, should you wish to customise your jewellery.

Price Compare

Conditions for price matching

We don't expect you to find a lower price at another online competitor for the same individual product, sold with the same conditions - but if you can, we'll match the price when you buy from us.

What we mean by ‘Online competitor'

Online competitors trade on the same basis as us. They should carry a reasonable range of goods either in stock for you to buy and take away or on a made-to-order basis, with clearly displayed prices. Their websites need to trade under the same brand and on the same basis as any High Street shops and/or showrooms.

Outlets which trade on a different basis to us, such as those that operate only through mail-order, collection points, auction sites, factory outlets, membership clubs, duty-free shops, market stalls or home shopping channels, are not deemed equivalent Online competitors. We also don't match competitors who are in administration or closing down.

The prices we match

We match prices publicly available to all customers, based on those displayed on the Online competitor's own website, the first price quoted to us over the phone or quoted at their showroom. The price has to apply to an identical individual product in terms of design, materials, size and colour. We don't match special prices only available to certain customers – such as negotiated prices or prices for groups like account holders or club members. We don't match prices only available via 3rd party websites, or with voucher codes.

Comparing 'service conditions'

This means we compare how we sell the product to how it is sold by the competitor to ensure it's comparable. We particularly look at stock availability, delivery charges and additional finishing services.

Competitor short-term promotions

If a competitor is running a very short promotion we may not have the chance to lower our price.

Get In Touch

If you'd like to talk with our friendly Customer Care Team, about making the promise of a lifetime to your loved one with one of our engagement rings or wedding rings, please get in touch on 0207 138 3672 0207 138 3672 or enter into a Live Chat